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This workshop gave me a new perspective of coaching to make others grow. This has also given me a fresh insight to align my body, mind and soul towards my journey to become a good human being.

MK Khanduja

May I put on record that the four days I spent at your workshop easily count among the most productive I can recall in a lifetime of learning. Thank you for your passion and belief.

Philip Jacob

I am just wondering how shall I convey my gratitude to each one of you for being a part of another enriching experience of life. All of us did a remarkable job in the programme and I am sure each one of us benefitted substantially. I did.


I decided to learn CGPC, simply because it multiplies your reach to people. Suddenly you see that you can work with 5-7 people at a go, and trust me the energy fields in a group are phenomenal. I look forward with excitement and deep gratitude to my own CGPC practice sessions with my buddies as I feel that my evolution, solution finding capabilities, spiritual progress and so much else just gets accelerated ahead because I am supported by so many positive energy fields. If I may say so, sometimes I feel I am still reeling from the effect, in a great fulfilling positive way. I am now taking my learning ahead in the world and am designing workshops around GPC in my organisation and hope to see great results as we build better professionals and teams.


For me the timing of CGPC was providential. I was involved in a Senior Executive Team Integration initiative down south and was looking for an alternative from standard training. While anchoring CGPC, I realized the importance of it. CGPC is far more intense, extremely inclusive and effective beyond expectations. Skilful handling of CGPC leads to results that training falls short of.

Prof. Raju Vir

GPC training was an enlightening experience for me. I am amazed at the processing that happens at the group level and the group camaraderie that develops as a result of such a processing. It has taken my understanding of working in groups and group transformation to another level.

Dr. V. Philip

CLI has actually given me a new way of living. It’s a lot more than just coaching tools and getting satisfied clients. As a practicing coach for the last 2 years, initially I was skeptical about how much more value add would happen through CLI. But during the classroom training, I realised that the ECRC was very powerful and could get instant results... My complete outlook to life has changed - I am much more confident about building my coaching practice - thanks to you and Betska. I am reading the BBB and The “God” in Coaching - and am quite confident about getting great tips for my business.

Thanks once again for the support and inspiration that you and Betska have provided. You are doing a fabulous job. May God bless you in your journey.


Dear Friends-in-coaching “I am on my way to my home after four days high intensity participation in the program of Master Coach Betska. … It was one of the best experiences of my life…”

T K Ruby

Thank you for looking out for me and every Coach that you've trained. The CLI Coaching Methodology is truly powerful, intensive and fulfilling - you have changed my life by allowing me to be an ambassador for your Methodology. I will always be the best I can be in using this powerful tool to help my Clients!

(I hope you remember, when I was in the CPC workshop in Delhi, you had helped me write a Belief System for me, which included me working to my potential and having 8-hour workdays every day. It most definitely seems that Quantum Physics is doing its bit - I am attracting a lot of Companies who seem to be 'magically' convinced that I'm the Trainer they would like to work with! I am really busy with work. Thank you!)

Ronald Fernandes