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Leadership in Action

The complex business environment, calls for business leaders with greater capacity to lead any business process improvement process. CLI India team designs and facilitates powerful and result-oriented “leadership in action” programs that are powered by PCMKTM and that are purposefully aimed at empowering a leader or manager in any job to transform the business by creating lasting impact and superior results. These programs will be customized to suit your leader’s requirement.

We help create leaders who have an evolving awareness, who are insightful, innovative and principled. We guide them to make choices and decisions differently, to be and act in the moment. This enables them to awaken to their own as well as their organizations’ full potential and aids them to engage in meaningful dialogue for improved collaboration and success.

The program is best suited for:

  • Individual contributor wanting to make a successful shift to effective managers and getting the best performance from the team
  • Leaders who want to lead cross-functional teams by leveraging the group dynamics and demonstrating commitment to the team
  • Teams who want to increase coordination, communication, and collaboration to enable increased productivity.
  • A management wanting to create a ‘learning organization’, so that employees have the ability to adapt and learn
  • Internal coaches such as any business manager interested in maximizing their organizational impact with their ability to coach others and model effective development.

Our programs furthermore equip you with the ability to lead while seeing the bigger picture. It enables you to consider how your decisions impact everyone and everything involved, creating a far more sustainable result than that of old leadership styles.

Write to us at john@coachingandleadership.com for additional information.