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Business Challenges

The only thing that matters in a business is “results”. To make the shift from “a good to great organization”, CLI India offers executive leadership coaching programs helping business leaders in their journey to take your organization to greater heights.

As corporates, you increasingly realize that to create an autonomous, hard-working, high-producing group of individuals to realize the organization vision is challenging, and there are many factors that influence your team’s success.

CLI India will assist you in identifying the challenges you are currently experiencing and for which you need solutions. A few of the challenges you may face are listed below:

  • How do we improve business results and manage stakeholder expectations?
  • How do we demonstrate agility to deal with strategy, people, processes and systems across the organization and improve relationships between management and staff?
  • As we expand in global markets, how do we ensure that the leaders are well grounded in our company culture, strategy, and business principles?
  • To drive our innovation strategy, do we know exactly which behaviours will empower leaders to meet this goal?
  • How do we add capability to lead any business process improvement process to address the dynamic market requirements?
  • Retaining high-quality people is an ongoing issue in our company, and each person we lose is costing us lakhs of rupees. How can we reduce our turnover?
  • How do we develop the second line strong, self-reliant leadership for the future?
  • How do we inculcate a desire to outperform and accountability, and have employees generate consistent and outstanding results?
  • How do we get everyone working toward the same corporate goal when they often have diverse personal styles and goals?
  • How do we get people communicating effectively and productively about goals and expectations?
  • How are the changes in the organization (realignment/restructuring) affecting the employee morale?

To address some of these problems, CLI India understands your challenge in selecting the right training, coaching and consulting partner. You deserve to receive maximum results for your staff, your clients and for your own personal growth. Before you make that hiring decision for potential programs to address your business challenges, we invite you to think about the following questions:

  • Does your partner guarantee ‘Permanent Positive Change’ for program participants? In other words, do the programs guarantee that you and your people will experience change of unconstructive behaviours, habits and actions into permanent positive ones?
  • Does your partner offer the means to measure the success of your desired training programs?
  • Has your partner researched and developed tools that go way beyond theory and provide step-by-step instructions on how to master the skill set of dramatically improving performance in the workplace?
  • Does your partner assist you and your people in becoming a ‘Genius Thinker’ – someone who can think like an Einstein or da Vinci every day?
  • Does your partner offer you a variety of tools to successfully deal with widespread challenges?

With CLI as your partner, it’s YES to all the questions raised above.

We help you create a learning organization, build a positive culture, which becomes a compelling value proposition for your employees – you will be able to attract and retain the best people. And it’s this culture that will ultimately drive your business performance over the long run.

Write to us at john@coachingandleadership.com for additional information.