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Learn How Your Coaching Will Be Unique

CLI India helps you separate Coaching from Mentoring and Consulting and your coaching will be unique. There is a time and a place for each but Mentoring and Consulting is not part of a Coaching Session. We make sure your client know which hat you are wearing – are you Coaching, Mentoring or Consulting?

Simply stated …

The Consultant does it for the client.
The Mentor shares their wisdom & knowledge with the client.
The Power Coach guides the client to access their own best solutions from within
and then mentors if necessary (always with the client’s approval).

Upon achieving your PCMK coaching certification as a CLI Power Coach® you will:

  1. Have acquired advanced interviewing skills to coach the Client to greater personal power on all 4 levels: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically and in all 7 areas of their personal and professional lives.
  2. Guide your clients to create a shift in thinking. Science has proven that habits and behaviours will only change if there is a physiological biological shift in your client
  3. Have 50+ full session PCMK, Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® methodologies in your coaching tool kit to ensure ‘safe coaching’ practices. (Plus CLI’s new PCMK Laser – for Quick Coaching Moments)
  4. Possess advanced intuitive skills to ascertain the real goals and real issues and be a stronger guide.
  5. Be in a place of greater peace within yourself having thoroughly experienced the processes personally during your coaching certification program.
  6. Guide self and others to be more of a bilateral thinker (someone who switches easily between left and right hemispheres).
  7. Be able to detect when your clients (& self) have encountered a “frustra” – a main mental block to higher levels of self-awareness and success. And then guide them to grow beyond this frustra
  8. Be in a league of your own with coaching skills based upon ‘Logic + Heart’ – the most advanced coaching skills in the industry. .
  9. Help your clients get to the heart of the issue, (root cause), surrounding your client’s inability to master any challenge in life and the inability to achieve goals.
  10. Advance to learn CLI’s Corporate & Family Training Programs upon achievement of your CPC coaching certification designation.
  11. Having achieved a much higher level of consciousness you will create a balanced life for yourself and be aware of how you wish to provide service to the world.