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Coaching Methodology

According to Webster, “kinetics” means movement – a branch of science that deals with changes in a physical or chemical system. The mechanism by which a physical or chemical change is effected.

As children, fascinated with potential and kinetic energies, many of us wonder “How do we effectively take the enormous potential of a human being and put it into motion (kinetics)?”

CLI’s coaching methodology consists of PCMK™ (Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®) tools, that turn our thoughts into positive action (kinetics).

Years of CLI research and development have yielded the secret to permanently changing behaviours to maximize results for individuals and whole corporations alike. We now understand how to assist you in literally putting their minds into “motion”.

The secret, the magic, is called The Science of Mind-Kinetics®.

Our methodology is explained:

Mastery begins by knowing (as per Candace Pert and other scientists) that habits and behaviours will only change with a physiological shift in the brain. Below are a few of the components of Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMKTM):

  1. Questions and processes are engineered to move between left brain and right brain in order to stimulate a physiological shift. With emotions and fears released, potential energy can now turn into kinetic energy.
  2. Questions and processes encourage bilateral thinking – ability to switch easily between left and right hemispheres for quick and easy solutions to challenges and goals.
  3. Tools and processes anchor in the unconscious, positive new beliefs to replace the unconstructive ones.
  4. For centuries, science has recognized the power of color. For example, prisoners placed in prisons where the walls are painted red, can become violent. Placed in a green colored room, they can become more calm. Our tools and processes use color effectively to stimulate a physiological shift in our thinking cells.
  5. The Universal Laws of Human Behavior are vitally important to the Power Coaching process. We begin to understand why we do the things we do. We stop blaming self and others. The Laws are strategically placed in the tools to create a physiological shift.
  6. Embodied within the PCMK process are the 76+ values of humanity. Spiritual values like honesty, courage, faith and discernment allow us to access the right side of our brain for a deeper understanding of who we are and our greatness.

In essence, Mind-Kinetics brings us enormous success in all areas of life because these discovery tools create shifts in our thinking at a cellular level. The tools are unique and fun!

Write to us at john@coachingandleadership.com for additional information.