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akhilesh-bhandariMr. Akhilesh Bhandari: BE, MBA, Certified Power Coaching and Leadership International Inc.

It is great to be where I am today.

Having spent long years in managing businesses in India and in the Middle East I have acquired strong belief that success in business is all about people. We achieve success when we work to our full potential. We could be thinking about strategic options, creating and evaluating alternatives, building business plans or implementing them with the help of competent and empowered teams or other actions. In each of these and other facets of managing business it is the inherent clarity of thought coupled with determined and focused effort that is key to success. I also saw that theses abilities came when I examined and then changed by beliefs about self and others and became more objective and stopped judging.

I was introduced to Coaching and Leadership International (CLI) and started my journey to become a Power Coach. Fortunately, CLI India made my work easier as they were present next door in Mumbai with full help and support in all aspects of my coach training.

I have been a happy partner in the positive permanent changes many of my coaching clients have achieved in their behaviour and beliefs. They have achieved great successes in their work and personal relationships. The biggest beneficiary of my PCMK training is I. I have regularly and effectively coached myself to become more perceptive, intuitive and comfortable with relationships.

geeta-krishnaMs. Geeta Krishna: I am a training and development professional who has worked with Indian and global corporate audiences where I have designed, delivered and implemented different kinds of training and people development solutions like e-learning, instructor & facilitator-led training, competency mapping instruments, and mentoring/coaching.

Coaching for me was an intuitive choice. When I read about CLI’s power coaching, I found the idea of whole brained coaching very fascinating and somehow right.I firmly believe in the concept of life energy that is more than the tangible physical body. I also believe that a walk into our own inner selves always provides us with newer insights every time we explore our thoughts and feelings. I did not think further, but decided to go ahead with CLI-India.

I was surprised to discover many aspects about myself while actually practising the methodologies on myself during the course of the programme. I got an opportunity to coach employees, friends, and relatives and could see the difference power coaching made in their lives. Over and above giving me an edge in my career, self-coaching also helps me to constantly evolve and be tuned to my inner mindfulness and intuition.


Mr. J P Singh – Chief Functionary and Director on the Board of SightLife™ India, President of International Coach Federation’s Delhi NCR Chapter and on Advisory Boards of three management consulting firms.

With over 30 years’ experience in successful business leadership, JP led teams and organizations to innovative solutions and greater achievement. JP used a distinct leadership practice of ‘leading through coaching.’ JP possesses a deep understanding of people and what they need to succeed; essentially someone to believe in them and lead them forward.

Fundamentally coaching is simply an interactive, results-orientated, enlightening process that brings about change.My PowerCoaching® journey is Super Joyful, Blissful and Rewarding because I connect with my Higher Power through it and hence enables and empowers me to fulfil my mission.Executives realize that even the brightest of them have blind spots which a CLI Certified Power Coach® can quickly and easily help them find and overcome.

thiru-vengadamMr. Thiru Vengadam – Senior Management Executive – Technology Industry
, and “Senior Certified Power Coach® and Certified Group Power Coach® by Coaching and Leadership International Inc.” and ACC by International Coach Federation.

Thiru Vengadam (Thiru) is a Senior Management Executive in the Technology Industry. He has over 2 decades of management experience with global corporations such as SAP, PWC, PeopleSoft (Oracle), TCS, Infor and IFS. In his spare time, he has been actively coaching professionals and senior executives for over 2 years.

When I chose to learn Coaching, CLI’s promotion of using ‘whole brain thinking’, client’s self-discovery of effective solutions that lead to ‘permanent positive’ change, etc. were clear differentiators from other Coach Training providers. When I took up the actual training, I enjoyed the highly professional, well-organised course(s), the documentation and the knowledge of the trainers.