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Leadership Competency Development – Upcoming Program

Upcoming Program: Leadership Competency Development next program in May 2016.

Success in organizations, today is a direct consequence of the leadership capabilities they possess. In this repertoire of leadership competencies, coaching is an important skill that all organizational leaders need to understand and practice. Coaching & Leadership India brings to you this unique program which will equip you with concepts and tools to handle the new challenges and emerge successful.

Program Objectives: 

  • To build awareness of the core competencies of a Leader Coach.
  • To conduct EQ building Leadership Self Reflection exercises
  • To investigate the major Behaviours of a Balanced Leader
  • To begin the study of the Science of Mind-Kinetics for whole brain leadership
  • To explore the power of subconscious mind and its impact on leadership
  • To learn and practice leadership coaching methodologies for conducting PCMK™ coaching with self and others (work and home)
  • To learn a Team Coaching Process for success.

Participant Profile:

The program participants should be emerging leaders and middle-level managers who will be eventually occupying Leadership positions in the organizations. Those currently occupying Senior level positions will also benefit immensely from this program.

Program Details:

We are happy to inform you that we will be conducting this internationally acclaimed program on Leadership Competency Development, in the coming months.

The program duration will be 2 days (dates to be announced soon) and from 09:00 -17:00 hrs. on both the days. The program will be facilitated by experienced CLI Trainers & Coaches.

Program Fee:

The participant fee will be announced soon.

(Group discount of 10% will apply if there are 3 or more participants from one organization.)

The fees will have to be paid at least two weeks before the program start date.

Please find attached the Programme Brochure which gives you some more details.

Leadership Competency Development

Write to us at john@coachingandleadership.com  for additional information.