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About CLI-India

Coaching and Leadership International Inc. (www.coachingandleadership.com) is pleased to hold the vision for CLI-India.

Vision: CLI-India aims to become the preferred partner for coaching and related learning services to individuals and corporates in India, by utilizing CLI’s science of Mind-Kinetics® which engages the whole brain and mind into motion for superior life results.

The Team: We are pleased to introduce the talented CLI-India Team comprised of Business and HR Professionals who will be bringing CLI’s coaching, leadership and related learning products and services to individuals and corporates in India.

Executive Board Members

Betska-BurrJohn-BurrBetska K-Burr and John Burr are Co-Founders of CLI. Betska is Co-President in charge of R & D and Training and is a best-selling author of many books Creating Champions, Flying by the Seat of Your … Plans, Build a Boooooooming Business, Superexcellent Selling and The “God” in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life. John, Co-President in charge of Sales & Operations, is co-author of “Build a Boooooooming Business”, has vast experience in international corporations and walks his talk with respect to using both logic and heart to be a leader in his field.

Together Betska and John head up a dynamic team which, they are told, “changes hearts”. Licensees work diligently to become certified Power Coaches and CLI Trainers who then join John and Betska in business and government to lead their transformational programs.

Additional CLI-India Executive Board Members will be announced soon – thank you for your interest.