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About CLI Global – Coaching and Leadership International Inc.

Leading Change with Logic and Heart

Since 1991, Coaching and Leadership International Inc., headquartered in Canada, has been transforming lives, businesses, and the coaching industry around the globe, Leading Change with Logic and Heart. We have trained individuals and groups, in over 20 countries, to be professional coaches and masterful leaders of both self and others.

Our five business units are:

  • Executive and Life Coach Training
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Executive and Life Coaching Contracts
  • Learning Resources
  • Licensing to established organizations who are also passionate about performance excellence.

When science and spirit merge in the coaching process, miracles happen! CLI has been advancing the field of effective Life and Executive Coaching by developing the award-winning methodologies of PCMK™, a Coach Training model that honors, supports and enlightens the spirit, mind and body. CLI’s Universal tools offer a holistic, cross-cultural, and integrative approach to coaching that includes the whole person and all areas of life. Often referred to as the ‘Harvard’ of coach training, individuals learn a platform of the largest number of coaching methodologies in the world with 80+ full session coaching methodologies.

Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK™) is deeply rooted in the cutting-edge understanding of cell biology, neuropsychology, and the expansive benefit of activating Whole Brain Thinking. It is CLI’s proprietary Science of Mind-Kinetics® which is the Secret to creating permanent positive change for our clients. This deep knowledge of how to shift human behaviour, coupled with the embrace of the intrinsic divine and human spirit present, creates a unique, all-encompassing approach to coaching that provides the opportunity to truly tap into the highest power and genius in each and every person.

CLI’s Corporate Training Programs and Executive Coaching Programs are unique in that every program engages results-oriented tools and methodologies for measurable transformation at all levels of the organization.

Betska K-Burr and John Burr are Co-Founders of CLI. Betska is Co-President in charge of R & D and Training and is a best-selling author of many books Creating Champions, Flying by the Seat of Your … Plans, Build a Boooooooming Business, Superexcellent Selling and The “God” in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life. John, Co-President in charge of Sales & Operations, is co-author of “Build a Boooooooming Business”, has vast experience in international corporations and walks his talk with respect to using both logic and heart to be a leader in his field.

Together Betska and John head up a dynamic team which, they are told, “changes hearts”. Licensees work diligently to become certified Power Coaches and CLI Trainers who then join John and Betska in business and government to lead their transformational programs.